About us

Basilicata Aerospace (CLAS ETS) was founded on 31 March 2005, is a non -profit association, recognized in agreement with the art. 14 of the Italian Civil Code.

The publication, in September of the same year, of the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) of Basilicata Region, which also identifies the Aerospace sector among the others,as the area of smart specialization which the actions and interventions covered by theFESR 2014-2020 Basilicata(Programma Operativo Regionale), was referred, is the final accomplishment of the path begun months earlier.

Basilicata Aerospace (CLAS ETS)

Only interlocutor for aerospace sector in Basilicata

Catalyst of resources and junction point between industry development and research worlds

We aim to transfer and use of knowledge and experience between researchers and entrepreneurs from local to international ones

We encourage the birth of new business initiatives

CLAS ETS proposes itself as a privileged interlocutor, able to aggregate the different realities of Basilicata operating in the aerospace sector, contributing to:


reduce the cognitive distance between companies and boost up their skills


encourage the transfer and use of most suitable knowledge for the development of territory, companies and the whole Basilicata aerospace sector


expand the membership association base also through the birth of new business initiatives

CLAS ETS has a well know and remarkable tradition linked to Space sector and represents as an excellence for activities focused on development technologies for the Earth Observation (EO) and natural hazards monitoring, thanks to the presence on the territory of:

consolidated research centers such as the University of Basilicata (UNIBAS), the National Research Council (Cnr) of Potenza, the National Agency for New technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Enea) and the Space Geodesy Centre (CGS) of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) of Matera, which represents a reference point for technology transfer and research in Southern Italy

industrial sites of major international players such as e-GEOS, Telespazio and Leonardo Company


an articulated and widespread network of SMEs, strongly motivated by industrial research, (mainly in the Downstream and Midstream sectors)